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Your Mitzvos. Your Connection.

Vdabkenu was founded with a mission to create and provide resources that help bring your mitzvah observance to vibrant practice!


  • Want to feel more confident about your mitzvah practice? 

  • Feel passionate about your mitzvos, but don't know how to take them to the next level?


  • An aspiration to get more communally involved

  • A desire to integrate who you are with your Avodas Hashem

  • A craving for more knowledge in areas you feel you should already know


  • Gain the confidence to connect to your mitzvos in more tangible ways

  • Integrate your natural creativity & abilities with your Avodas Hashem

  • Follow through with learning a new skill

  • Make a real impact on the Klal by taking an active community role


do you want to build YOUR confidence and skill?

We are here for you & invite you to see which mitzvah tools can benefit you.

Tools and Resources


Nusach Hatefilla

Prepare Nusach Hatefila with these professionally recorded, mixed, and mastered tracks.


Krias Hatorah

Prepare Krias Hatorah with these professionally recorded, mixed, and mastered tracks.


Mitzvah Videos

How-to videos on all areas of Jewish life!

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Write your thoughts and notes side by side of your favorite sefarim and make the Torah your own!



See our cards made to enhance your daily Avodas Hashem!

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Amazing material created especially for you to learn from!


"Vdabkenu is the resource I've been looking for all my life. I am not a professional Chazan or Baal Korei but, like many, I am called upon to lead the davening from time to time. I have also always had an interest in proper Leining pronunciation. I very much enjoyed and benefited from Vdabkenu. If you want to properly learn a nusach or a leining on your own time then Vdabkenu is for you. The recordings are very clear and easy to follow. No need to pay for a tutor and rearrange your schedule. Just find a time that works for you, get comfortable, and let Vdabkenu play."

- YTW Lakewood, NJ

"No words can explain how thankful I am. I have been looking for something like this all my life!!

Keep up your great work!!"

 - Anonymous

"I’m SO impressed with the quality of the presentation and the teaching value ...  I found the Tefillin Presentation to be especially powerful in my classroom of 7th grade pre-Bar Mitzvah Talmidim."

- R’ Tzvi Sherman, Yeshiva Ketana Rebbe