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About our Resources


 Professional videos given by experts in each field to provide you with clarity in your mitzvos


 Top quality recordings giving you the confidence you need to stand at the bima or amud.


 Exclusive free sources to help you better understand and appreciate your mitzvos.


Unique resources which allow you to personalize your mitzvos and make them "your own"


"Vdabkenu is the resource I've been looking for all my life. I am not a professional Chazan or Baal Korei but, like many, I am called upon to lead the davening from time to time. I have also always had an interest in proper Leining pronunciation. I very much enjoyed and benefited from Vdabkenu. If you want to properly learn a nusach or a leining on your own time then Vdabkenu is for you. The recordings are very clear and easy to follow. No need to pay for a tutor and rearrange your schedule. Just find a time that works for you, get comfortable, and let Vdabkenu play."

YTW Lakewood, NJ

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